Heartland Welcomes St. Paul Pioneers

by Andew Mather

Heartland Football Association Welcomes St. Paul Pioneers for the 2024 Season

[Omaha, March 22nd, 2024] – The Heartland Football Association (HFA) proudly announces the addition of the St. Paul Pioneers to its esteemed roster for the upcoming 2024 season. With an illustrious 22-year history, including 8 league championships and 3 national championships, the Pioneers bring a legacy of excellence and dedication to the Heartland.

Led by Board President Mark Heiser and Head Coach Damien Rochon-Washington, the St. Paul Pioneers epitomize the values of the Heartland Football Association. Their commitment to success both on and off the field aligns seamlessly with the values of the HFA.

“We have carefully cultivated the Heartland around a foundation of enduring success, and the addition of the Pioneers only amplifies our excitement,” remarked HFA President Andrew Mather. “Their embodiment of the core values that define the Heartland – dedication, competitiveness, and community engagement – aligns seamlessly with our teams. The Pioneers join a tight-knit family of teams committed to excellence, and their inclusion further enriches our league's landscape. When presented with the chance to integrate another esteemed and professionally operated organization, it was an opportunity we simply couldn't overlook.”

The Heartland now includes teams that have 19 league championships and 7 national championships. 

The inclusion of the St. Paul Pioneers further enriches the competitive landscape of the Heartland Football Association, promising fans an exciting season ahead. As an example of excellence in football, the Pioneers will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the HFA and its history.

The Pioneers will kick off their 2024 season in the Heartland with a April 20th matchup against the Minneapolis Warriors. The full adjusted schedule will be released this week. 

For more information about the Heartland Football Association and the St. Paul Pioneers, please visit hfafootball.org or pioneersfootball.org